Custom Excel Function to remove HTML tags

Below is the code for a quick, easy custom Excel function to remove HTML tags and code from a string. This function can be used directly in a sheet, or be called from within VBA. Examples The function will strip complete html tags or if the string has a partial tag (starts with a tag that is open, or ends with a tag that it still open), it will remove that as well. Function Code The code is pretty simple and uses the built-in ability of Excel to extract the outer text of an HTML object. Then, it simply accounts […]


Dollar Shave Club’s lesson on Buyer Personas

I love what the marketing team at Dollar Shave Club does: I’ve always found their messages to be that perfect blend of witty and meaningful. A few weeks back, my wife said she wanted to get a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club as well. Since I had always thought of them as a “men’s brand” I was surprised. She sent me a message with the attached ad as an explanation:     The genius step that increased their reach 100% If you’ve ever been to their site, it’s not hard to see that men are their target audience. However, […]

Scrape webpage data using Excel & VBA

This post is going to get a bit technical- If you’re just looking for a quick tool to scrape data off pages and you’re not trying to set up the code yourself, I’d recommend this post: Search source code of any sites with Excel. You can just download the completed VBA file, and get some ideas about practical marketing applications of why you would want to scrape webpage data. Considerations for coding a basic VBA script to scrape webpage data In the past, I’ve highlighted one method of coding VBA to scrape webpage data by using Internet Explorer and making […]

6 ways to make the worst email ever

This email landed in my inbox the other day: From: *@gmail is unacceptable There is no reason to have any kind of business email come from a gmail account. Even a single-person business can get URL and server space for as little as $100 a year. If you have a gmail/hotmail/yahoo/aol address no one will take your seriously. Forgetting to update data tags, “Hello (!” This is a mistake I’ve seen companies of every size make. While data-driven customization is great, if you can’t bother to check the functionality of your data tagging, don’t use them. A simple typo in […]

Content marketing tech, small business tools, technical talent & direct traffic

There has been a wide variety of interesting articles that I’ve had the chance to read lately. From some interesting results on what “direct traffic” may actually be to actionable insights that will help you find your next marketing operations executive, the articles below are must reads for any marketer. How the Right Marketing Tech Can Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow I always love looking at how technology can take a marketing department to a more efficient plane of operation. Often technology only relates to the execution and analysis of campaigns so articles such as this really stand out. It […]

Form conversion, copy tips, and remarketing/retargeting

The posts that caught my attention (and the attention of my twitter followers) were all over the place this week. If you’ve got a few minutes during the day to spare, be sure to check out some of these great posts from around the marketing community.


Search source code of any sites with Excel

What is site searching and why do I need it? If you ever find yourself looking at a list of URLs and are contemplating doing anything that involves copying and pasting each one into a browser and looking at the corresponding website, you are probably looking at something that could be automated. To that end, I’ve programmed a VBA script within Excel that uses HTTP requests to automatically scan large lists of sites and search source code looking for certain terms or tags, either in the rendered text of the site or in the html. Possible uses: Looking for a […]

Humor, distribution, and going viral on LinkedIn

At 261 LinkedIn connections, I’m hardly a power-user; but I still find it to be one of the most interesting social networks, especially from a professional/business perspective. Over the past 6 months, I’ve tried publishing updates to Linked in around once or twice a day. The second most viewed/shared content A few months back I wrote a blog post on our experience with a vendor that we ultimately signed with that offers video hosting. The social promotion I did from this post got quite a lot of traction, both on twitter with some favorites and retweets, and on LinkedIn. Lesson? […]


Use Excel to download hundreds of images instantly

The problem: Needing to download hundreds of images instantly At Balihoo we are changing providers for our blogging platform, and one of the challenges that came up was how to extract all the images (Over 600) we had uploaded to our existing software without having a built-in tool for pulling them off the server. While I was able to get a complete list of the URLs by using some scraping tools, clearly copying each URL and “save image as…” for 600 wasn’t very efficient. The Solution We needed to download the entire list of images and get the file name […]

3 Data Challenges that are Limiting your Automation Platform

Brief discussion of Three Data Challenges That Could Be Limiting You From Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Platform that over on the Balihoo blog.