There has been a wide variety of interesting articles that I’ve had the chance to read lately. From some interesting results on what “direct traffic” may actually be to actionable insights that will help you find your next marketing operations executive, the articles below are must reads for any marketer.

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How the Right Marketing Tech Can Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow
I always love looking at how technology can take a marketing department to a more efficient plane of operation. Often technology only relates to the execution and analysis of campaigns so articles such as this really stand out. It challenges the marketer to look at your content marketing tech strategy and examine all aspects from a “what can we do better” perspective, instead of just looking at better ways to execute/measure. For the creativity, I’ll even ignore the incredibly vexing incorrect usage of “beg the question” contained.
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Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses
Every digital marketer (no matter how large or small) needs a marketing automation platform and a email delivery platform. While everyone knows the enterprise players (Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Act-on, etc.) this article by StreetFightMag highlights some of the options available for smaller businesses. Simpler platforms are both cheaper and significantly easier to manage, often at the cost of only some very specific high end tools. If you (or anyone you know) hasn’t gotten into marketing automation yet because of time/budget issues, this is a must read.
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Experiment Shows Up To 60% Of “Direct” Traffic Is Actually Organic Search
Having the traffic levels that they do, Groupon has the ability to get fantastic results from testing almost instantly. On a hunch of some of their digital marketers, they delisted their page from Google for 6 hours one day to see if they could get some insight into direct traffic vs. organic search. In theory, direct traffic should remain the same while search should drop to 0. However, the shocking thing they learned was that their “direct traffic” also dropped significantly, indicating that a lot of what Google Analytics was telling them was “direct traffic” was actually some form of search. Great read, shocking results they could only discover having the ability to control such a large sample size of visits.

Secrets of an ace recruiter of technical marketing talent
Finding candidates that are proficient in marketing, capable of handling technical platforms needed to execute campaigns, and comfortable enough with data and analytics to present a story with the results can be difficult. ChiefMarTec interviews top technical marketing talent recruiter Erica Seidel and talks about some of the challenges associated with finding qualified candidates determining their technical proficiency.


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