The posts that caught my attention (and the attention of my twitter followers) were all over the place this week. If you’ve got a few minutes during the day to spare, be sure to check out some of these great posts from around the marketing community.

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6 Steps for Writing Simple Copy That Sells
While I’m no expert at copy (as any reader of this blog will be able to attest) I certainly can recognize good tips when I see them. This post gives some great actionable tips on copy writing that applicable for everyone from the casual blogger to the seasoned B2B marketer. Tip #5 is great: “Cut your adjectives in half and your adverbs altogether (almost)”.
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How Peak Design Recovers 12% of Abandoned Carts With Email Remarketing
Remarketing and retargeting are two dramatically different tactics that can get easily lumped in the it-has-“re”-in-it-and-the-word-marketing category that might cause confusion to the modern digital marketer. Kissmetrics does a great job looking at the difference and which is useful in what situation. Simply put, remarketing is for those showing strong buying signals and retargeting is more for building awareness.
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Facebook Stats that Every Social Marketer Should Know
The Marketo blog had a good post on some of the most recent stats from Facebook that are of interest to marketers. With the organic reach of Facebook posts dwindling, marketers should be doing everything they can to leverage available data for maximizing ROI with social efforts. The big take away? If you’re going to spend the time to post to Facebook, be sure to do it on a Sunday!

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Online Forms
Finding benchmark stats for most digital efforts can be difficult due to most brands having an interest in keeping those numbers secret. This report by Marketing Profs highlights some of the interesting finding from over 450,000 form conversions, breaking down the results by industry among other factors. How does your brands form conversion rates stack up?


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  1. Great links, especially the “How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Online Forms” that mentions how simply changing the language on a call-to-action (CTA) button from “Submit Form” to “Submit Registration” can boost conversions by 2.5x.

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