At 261 LinkedIn connections, I’m hardly a power-user; but I still find it to be one of the most interesting social networks, especially from a professional/business perspective. Over the past 6 months, I’ve tried publishing updates to Linked in around once or twice a day.

The second most viewed/shared content

A few months back I wrote a blog post on our experience with a vendor that we ultimately signed with that offers video hosting. The social promotion I did from this post got quite a lot of traction, both on twitter with some favorites and retweets, and on LinkedIn.


Lesson? Whenever you promote another business that you work with, if the message is positive, you can often count on having twice the social clout you’d normally have, since often the referenced company’s marketing departments will pick up and run with the piece. I think this is the reason that roundup type posts tend to get the most views. Whether or not this increased view is actually attributable to increased customer exposure, or if you’re just a marketer attracting other marketers is up for debate; but to some, a view is a view.

The most viral content on LinkedIn is…

Humor (with a business spin.) Facebook is over-run with humorous posts, LinkedIn updates and shares often are so business-centric that they are a bit dry. If this is all you are personally sharing (or your brand is sharing) on LinkedIn you are missing out. My two most recent posts:

And the reach of the two posts respectively?


People are on LinkedIn for business purposes. While they may get over-loaded with humorous postings when on Facebook or their social media network of choice, its unlikely they are going to see much that is funny on LinkedIn. However, if you LinkedIn updates are purely comic, its likely that people who login looking for business information will respond to your content.

So, if you can find that sweet spot of “funny business jokes” you’re looking at a recipe for going viral on LinkedIn.

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