While I usually try to post less articles, but I couldn’t help it this week, there is just too much I want to share. This afternoon grab a cold one and spend a few minutes reading through these great posts!

simple sites

Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Better
I’m always a sucker for case studies and examples, and this article doesn’t disappoint. The author explains (with stats! Yay!) how a simpler web pages just perform better in a variety of industries. Easier said than done sometimes (especially for sites designed by committees) but fantastic advice. Bit longer of a read, but worth it.
opportunity activity

Measuring Execution To Deliver The Number
This sales article really piqued my interest by analyzing close rates as compared to level of interaction at the opportunity level. Their research shows that in early opportunity stage more interactions = higher win rate. Makes me wonder if there is room for carefully crafted automated efforts from the marketing department this late in a buying cycle. Interesting idea and a great read, especially for those involved later in the sales cycle.
marketing org

Designing the Optimal Marketing Organization
Marketing TechBlog featured a slide deck by Joe Chernov on marketing department organization. Especially for start-up who may be struggling to optimize their marketing talent in an effective way, this post and slide deck offers some well thought out insights that work.

Average Isn’t Good Enough: Segment or Die!
Seeing a drop in conversion rate from 4.1% to 3.2% would cause concern for almost anyone, however this article by Neil Mason (from ClickZ) does an excellent job of explaining how the knee-jerk reaction that “something is terribly wrong” isn’t justified, and how proper analytic segmentation demonstrates exactly what is going on. Quick read and essential for anyone that touches marketing reporting.
top 5 trends

Top 5 Digital Trends For 2014
Shama Kabani writes the best “2014 predictions” article I’ve read yet. Every single prediction she makes seems spot on and incredibly insightful and relevant to digital marketers. The second prediction concerning content creation and curation is something every digital marketer will talking about this year. Get past the lack of pictures and read this post!

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